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14-15/11/15: #NERD

14/11/15: ThoughtBubble Festival
I had an absolutely fantastic day. Lisa and I got breakfast (my favorite kind of food) before heading to ThoughtBubble Festival (where she so very patiently dealt with me fangirling about the things around me). I met Kate Ashwin, the writer/artist for Widdershins, and got a signed copy of vol1, met Isa & Meg, the artist and writer (respectively) of Namesake and got signed copies of Isa’s comics Jabberwocky and Knot, but the very best part that almost had my crying in joy was meeting Noelle Stevenson, author of Nimona and co-creator of Lumberjanes among other things.

Lisa could completely tell that was the highlight of my day when I was nearly vibrating in excitement while standing in line to get my Lumberjanes Volume 1 signed.¬†At the time we were standing in line, there wasn’t a guarantee that she would be back in time to sign anything before the panel she was doing, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to meet her but then boom there she was like a little magical pixie and I probably almost cried. She was so lovely and nice and she even drew April, a character from Lumberjanes, in my book! I told her I was growing my hair out because my name is also April and she said she’d heard of people cutting their hair to be like the Lumberjanes, but never growing it out!

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She drew April in my book!! #crying

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After I got my volume and a print signed, we went to have a look around before getting in line for the panel, which also worked out really well in our favor because we watched a lot of people get turned away because of capacity issues, but we not only were before the venue limit, we also managed to get pretty good seats! Although I hadn’t read many of the comics the creators were talking about (outside of Nimona and Lumberjanes…), I had read enough webcomics to still understand what they were talking about. Lisa was totally zoned out, but after the con we walked and got Thai food before heading through the Leeds Chriskindlmarkt where we picked up some doughnuts before heading back to her place to watch White Christmas. What can I say? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, toys in every store!

15/11/15: (Old) York

We got up in time to have breakfast in a cute little place in Leeds before catching the train to York. Unfortunately, the train was late due to flooding, but it meant that I had time to grab a Starbucks before we got on the train. Once we got to York, we headed towards the Castle Museum, which meant we had to walk through the town a bit. It was a lot smaller than I was expecting, but it was a very lovely little place, especially with the Christmas decorations everywhere. The museum wasn’t really what I was expecting, as it had exhibits that weren’t related to the castle. In fact, only one of the exhibits was really related to the castle. We had a nice time going through and staying out of the rain, though. Lisa had mentioned a tea place as we were walking through town that was famous for its tea and service and whatnot, so we went and waited in a very long line to have our tea there, but it was worth it.

So close

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Especially since it was Sunday and a lot of things would close well before we had to catch our train back. Once done with tea, we tried to go to the outdoor market, but a combination of the hour and the weather meant that everyone was packing up and there weren’t very many people set up anyways. We decided to head to the train station and try to get an earlier train since we had run out of things to do, but the train service we were taking didn’t have a ticket station and we couldn’t switch it to an earlier train. We ended up waiting in the train station for a couple of hours and when we got back to Lisa’s we hung out for a bit before heading to the bus for the airport. I had decided to spend the night in the airport because it was a better alternative to catching a bus to the airport at 3am…

I made myself an umbrella couch nest for my night in this airport.

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