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18/05/15: Home Again

Well, you read that right. I’m home again. Have been for uhhhh 3 days? 2.5 days? Anyways this is day 3. It’s weird to be living with other people again, but nice because now there’s a washer AND a dryer, a dishwasher, and I have a car. Which I haven’t actually driven yet. Soon.

This week is going to be kind of busy because we’re having a party on Friday and my stuff is still all over the floor. It’s a mess and I just put it all in those bags I don’t want to take it all out already! I’ll get it done, though.

I’m also looking for summer job(s) (so if you know anyone who is hiring, please let me know! Or if you need a babysitter or nanny or whatever). So far I’m applying at retail because I don’t know what else to apply for. It’s nice to be able to get on the internet and have it just work (without struggling with a VPN) since most job applications are online now.

The actual trip home was fine. My flight from Beijing left early and my flight from Detroit was on time. I even managed to use the layover (and free WiFi) to file my taxes, update my FAFSA, and send the FAFSA information to UCD. I got all of that done within an hour of being back in the US. You can’t hate my productivity levels, man.

Alright, speaking of productivity levels, I have a very messy room to go take care of.

Don’t forget my GoFundMe is still going on, since I’ll be going to Ireland in August. 😀