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15/03/16: March Madness

Wow! I’m already halfway through what I hope will be my busiest month this year! I’ll try to update my blog as time passes, but it’s going to be tough as I’m only halfway through and I’m already exhausted!

I have written about my Milan trip, but I won’t type it up and upload it until after the post cards have made it to the US! I don’t want the tidbits and info on the cards to be spoiled by those who (maybe??) read my blog. (Does anyone read this thing?! If yes, COMMENT! If no,

My family will be here to visit in a week (or so), but I do have some posts scheduled in my Portfolio that post Mondays at 4:30pm GMT. šŸ˜€ I’m currently working on a lot of neato school projects that I’ll get to uploading once I’ve finished them / turned them in, but in the mean time I’ve got some projects from last semester and my internship uploading. I’m probably going to upload some projects from my undergrad days as well, so keep an eye on that page!

I’m most excited about this cool project I’m working on for my Digital Libraries course, which should be live the first week of May! (It is, after all, DUE the first week of May…)

Anyway, I’m going to go crash in exhaustion as it’s currently day 2 of 3 of a 9-5 course that’s basically a workshop. The stuff I’m working on will be part of my portfolio eventually but, as I said, I have to finish it first!

Happy St Paddy’s Day!
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06/07/12: Venice, Italy

Sitting at breakfast, it was hard to believe our trip was coming to an end. Though we had only spent 10 days together, it felt like a lifetime. After finishing our breakfast, we said our last goodbyes and took the last of our pictures before going our separate ways to find taxis.

Summer 2012 - Europe, D9 Venice, Italy - 01

Summer 2012 - Europe, D9 Venice, Italy - 08

Summer 2012 - Europe, D9 Venice, Italy - 11

Since we were in Venice, we booked water taxis to take us from the ship to our hotel and from our hotel to the airport. While we were waiting for our taxi, I thought I had left my small jewellery box on the ship. It took some distressed eyes and a bit of panic for the security men to call the guy that spoke the most English. Even then, it was tough to explain that I had a boarding pass while I was inĀ Turkey and IĀ just got off the ship. Maizie and the Doctor were leaving, so they helped and the man that spoke English took my passport to the ship to verify I could come back onto the ship. Luckily, they let me back on. I ran through and checked my room and, unable to find anything, I hoped my box was buried deep within my suitcase (it was). After that misadventure, we got in our water taxi and went to the hotel. We were too early to check in, so we put our stuff in the office before heading out to walk around. Right outside the hotel, my sandal broke, so I had to go change shoes (though I would’ve rather gone barefoot) before we finally set off. We started by walking over to the Grand Canal where we took a touristy gondola over to the market. We got some cherries, nectarines, and peppers before continuing our walk.

Summer 2012 - Europe, D9 Venice, Italy - 23

We found a place to sit and munch while gramma and Lea decided what to do next. We decided to take the water bus to the stop near our hotel and get lunch before checking in. I had potato noodles for lunch (they were good) and declined the wine. After lunch, we check in to our hotel and had a half-hour siesta before deciding to go over to Piazza San Marco. We went up to the top of the clock tower before trying to go into St Mark’s Basilic, but that was closed.

Summer 2012 - Europe, D9 Venice, Italy - 54

In place of that, we went to the Museo Correr and ended up seeing the Klimt exhibit instead of the Museo Correr. It was still neat to see the exhibit on the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and his various artsy friends. After the museum, we stopped for milkshakes and coffee before stumbling upon an opera. We had an elaborate snack before going to the opera concert. It wasn’t a fancy opera, but it was still incredible.

Summer 2012 - Europe, D9 Venice, Italy - 72

After the concert, we got real dinner by the hotel, did some last-minute shopping, had a cup of gelato, and went to bed. We had to be ready to get up at 4a the next morning.

Interested in more photos? You can see all of them fromĀ Summer 2012Ā andĀ from ItalyĀ atĀ my Flickr page!