But Who’s Running This Thing?!

I admit that I always have trouble with these introductory type posts, so please,

My name is April. I have moved around a lot, but I am from North Carolina (although I’ve lived in 5 states across the US in total). In 2014, I moved to China for a year to be a teacher. By the time my contract ended in May 2015, I had almost all of my ducks in a row, ready to return to Ireland (after studying abroad at Maynooth University in 2012) for the Fall semester to start at University College Dublin for the MLIS program. Some of what I worked on for the MLIS degree can be found in my Portfolio, which will be updated as the semesters continue!

This blog in particular has been somewhat active for some time now. I don’t update it regularly because I am a space case, but like Lieutenant Uhura, I don’t let a little spaciness stop me!

As you may have gathered, I spend a bit too much time on the Internet, but a lot of it is spent in pursuit of answers. Mainly things like “galaxy etymology” and IMDB searches, but if a friend idly poses a question aloud, I’ll probably try to find the answer shortly thereafter!

I also love Harry Potter, science fiction, mystery novels (all novels, but particularly mysteries), cute animals (especially cats, goats, hedgehogs, puppies, and sheep), sweaters, and patterned socks (especially holiday-specific socks that I wear well away from the holiday itself).


Selfie 1

Aaaaand here’s a picture of me to say goodbye!

<3 April

4 thoughts on “But Who’s Running This Thing?!

  1. Love hearing about all your adventures! Keep it up.

    The snow, hail, and rain are all gone and now its HOT here. Probably about like it is there.

  2. Hey April!! Had dinner with your folks Monday and they filled me in on your…..adventure! And, hooked me up with your cool Blog site!! Very Cool! Sounds like it’s been a rocky start…..but, we all are SO very proud of you(and, I, for one, am very envious!). Chin up Kid, this is an adventure of a lifetime…..hopefully, one of many!! Looking forward to reading and seeing more and more about this fantastic adventure of yours!!

    1. It’s definitely been tough! I wasn’t expecting so many students in one class, but with the help of PowerPoint, I think I’ll be alright. 😛

      Hope everything is well with you and Miranda!

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