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18/02/19: Wow! Well… My bad….

It’s been a while since I last posted! At first, I thought it had been over a year, but that’s because I only just glanced at the date. It’s been over six months and, well, a lot has changed since then!

The last time I updated, I had just gotten two part time jobs at two different libraries in two different library systems. I started as a Library Page at Kernersville Branch Library in Forsyth County Public Libraries, which was a part-time, high-school minimum education position in the library system I wanted to work in (my family had been going to Kernersville Branch Library since I was in high school and I fondly remember hating shelving kids books there when I needed to get volunteer hours once). I also started as a Library Assistant at Hemphill Branch Library in Greensboro Public Libraries, which was a part-time, I’m-not-sure-of-the-minimum-education-but-it-wasn’t-a-masters-for-sure position in a library system that I’d interviewed in before (I actually realized later that my boss was at that original interview). I liked the location of the first and the duties of the second, but both helped me get my foot in the door for what would eventually lead to….


I’m now the Youth Services Librarian at Walkertown Branch Library, which was my ideal job in the county I wanted to work in! It especially helped that, as the Kernersville Page, I went to Walkertown Library once a week to shelve books. It’s been an amazing opportunity, and I’m six months in now! I really cannot explain just how much I love my job. I get to hang out with toddlers, school-age kids, and teenagers while providing them low-stress education-adjacent activities while also caring for a collection of books that I don’t have to buy with my own money.

I also have the great fortune of having an amazing first boss (and coworkers!). Not too nitpicky, but still great at offering guidance, which I really need and appreciate since this is my first job. She’ll ask me to do something, but let me figure out how to actually do it myself. Sometimes, I’ll have to ask her the best way to do it because I’m not sure how to get something done, but then she knows how it’s been done successfully in the past. For her, our success is her success and you can really tell in the way she runs the library. (I still think my coworker should be able to count my questions in our daily statistics because I ask him a lot of questions and he always takes the time to show me the best methodology of getting something done or offers me his honest opinion, even if it’s not really what I was thinking. Sometimes, I’ll ask him questions just to work through things as a sound board, which he goes along with willingly. It works out awesome.)

I also have moved out of my parents house and into an apartment 1mi from work and about 5mi from mom and dad’s. Although it’s not exactly where I thought I would end up (FIVE MILES FROM HOME??? I KEEP SEEING PEOPLE I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH????? WHY), it’s a great first-start. It was especially great when I sliced my thumb while cooking and didn’t know what to do and mom and dad were at my apartment within 10min. I do plan to eventually get out of this small town, but for now it’s right where I should be. PLUS, I have a beautiful little cat now! And I wouldn’t have been able to adopt him if I immediately moved to some far-flung place.

You can’t see it in this photo, but Cleveland only has three legs!

Hope this is a good update, we’ll see if I can remember to update any other time… I did travel some last year but definitely didn’t blog about it…. My bad! I’ve been updating my Etsy shop again, which you can find a link to in the sidebar.

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