2016 Year in Review

Well, the end of 2016 is here and with it comes the start of a new year, so here’s a recap of my 2016:

  • January
    • Spent most of Jan at home in NC
    • Started semester 2 of Master’s
  • February
    • Mentally prepared for March and April
  • Mar
    • Family friends visited Dublin
    • Went to Milan (same day the fam friends left)
    • Met family in London (a week after Milan) and then traveled Ireland with them
  • April
    • Met different family friends in London (less than a week after family visit)
    • Went to a Library of Ireland talk and met Eoin Colfer (he signed my Artemis Fowl book, but I really wish I’d had my slightly beat up copy from middle school)
    • 9 assignments due in 4 weeks
  • May
    • Created a digital repository as part of a class project, kept updating it throughout the year
    • Wrote the first book review of the year: Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age (even though I didn’t start posting them on here until after I’d gone back and written them for Jan)
    • Lisa came to visit
  • June
    • A friend from China and her girlfriend came to visit Dublin
    • Came home for my bro’s graduation, resulting in the decision to move back to the US so I wouldn’t have to worry about missing big family events
    • Started a portfolio series called You Can Teach a Mouse to Click
  • July
    • Went to London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
      • Met up with a comic artist I follow on Tumblr and a friend I used to work with at Best Buy in 2012 who I haven’t seen since then
    • Volunteered at the Festival of Curiosity
    • Final Capstone Thesis presentation
  • August
    • Finally wrote a follow-up to Fernweh called Heimweh
    • Went to a Gatsby party with some friends, wearing a dress I made myself
    • Started teaching myself to crochet
    • Wrote the article series Travel in (Relative) Style
    • Went to see friends in Killarney
    • Went to Barcelona (saw some friends there) and Paris
    • Celebrated my 25th birthday a few times
    • Submitted my Master’s Capstone Thesis
  • September
    • Visited a friend in Limerick
    • Katie came to visit Ireland and we went to Scotland
    • Moved back home
  • October
    • Started volunteering at the Kernersville Library and Körner’s Folly
    • Got my thesis grade & final transcript
    • Voted early
    • Opened my Etsy shop
  • November
    • Quit volunteering at Körner’s Folly, started volunteering at UNCG’s library, the local comic shop, and started babysitting
    • Thanksgiving with family friends!!
  • December
    • Made Christmas gifts for my family (took FOREVER)
    • Saw all of my US best friends within a week (one lives in NYC, one in SC, and one here at home)
    • Almost got a job (SO CLOSE)
    • Got my degree in the mail
    • Wrote the first book review of the year: Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash (kind of perfect, right?)

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I’m sure there’s a lot I missed, but there were a few months where I was really busy and a few where I didn’t seem to be very busy at all. Mostly, those months (at least in the Spring and Summer) were spent working on my Group Capstone Thesis project thing!

Anyway, happy new year!! HEllo 2017, pls be good to us!

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