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17/08/15: One Week

The summer started about three months ago when I got back to China. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking of my family’s trip to Colorado as the beginning of the end of summer. Along the lines of “Well, when we go to Colorado, that’s when I really need to seriously start getting ready to go.” I was mainly thinking this way because we went to Colorado for almost a week, then shortly after I went on a trip to NYC & DC, then almost immediately after that we went to a family friend’s river property to celebrate his 50th birthday for a weekend, then a week after we got back from the river is when I go to Ireland.

Well, we went to Colorado July 28 and got back from the river yesterday. So, if you did the math and read my rambly summary right, you’d realize that I have one week until I go to Ireland. As of today… Yeah, it’s coming on quickly.

Since my last update, I have (obviously) gone to CO, NYC, DC, and camping. I (naturally) had a blast at all of these places, although for very different reasons as they were all very different trips. The important thing is, of course, that I saw a lot of friends and family and visited a lot of museums. I’m pretty sure I went to more museums in two days in DC than most people visit in two years. I also had my birthday, so my dad and I went to the local museum (Körner’s Folly) after we had tacos y pupusas at a local taquería.

Last night (at 3am), I registered for my courses. Through some kind of Internet Black Magic, I managed to get all (but one, but it turned out ok because I hit the credit limit anyways) of the courses I wanted AND I don’t have class on Tuesdays or Fridays during either semester and no class on Thursdays during semester 2! Seriously, Internet Black Magic. (If you’re interested in which courses I’m taking, there is a page up on my blog that can be found at

This week, of course, I am extremely busy with last-minute appointments, packing, cleaning, and saying goodbye to friends. Oh, and sleeping. Maybe.

<3 April
(7 days and counting)

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