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25/07/15: One Month!

This post was originally published on my GoFundMe page as Update #12!!

A month left!

That’s right! ONE MONTH. And two of those weeks are traveling!

This month looks like:
Tuesday (28th) – to CO!
Sunday (2nd) – back from CO!
Friday (7th) – to NYC!
Monday (10th) – NYC to DC!
Thursday (13th) – back from DC!
Friday (14th) – BIRTHDAAAAAY
Fri – Sun (14-16) – Camping/birthday event for friend!
Mon (24th) – TO IRELAND

Obviously there is a LOT of cleaning and packing and friends and family time in there. I’m really excited, though. Sometimes I worry a little about whether I’m going to have all my stuff cleaned and packed up and ready to go in the short amount of time I have left, but I have faith in myself. I’ll get it done, I’m sure.

Anyways, I’ve got to go clean more things. XD

Thanks for the support!
<3 April
(30 days and counting)

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