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17/06/15: One Month (Plus 2, Depending)

One month (plus 2, depending on how I’m counting time) has passed since I’ve been home. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! And to think, I’ve got 2 months left before I’m back in Ireland and back in school!

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been really busy. Between hanging out with family and friends and family friends, volunteering at the library, doctor’s visits, unpacking, cleaning, errands for mom, and other things I’m sure I’m forgetting, this month has just flown past! I’m also going to be tutoring for one of mom’s coworker’s this summer (I’ll start once we get the deets sorted) while getting ready to go to Ireland.

I still have a surprising amount to do. My checklist looks like this:

  • Submit taxes
  • Submit FAFSA
  • Entrance counselling
  • Promissory note
  • Book flight
  • Unshelve books & pick keepers
  • Sell/donate non-keepers
  • Reshelve books
  • Unpack closet, incl. stuff from CO and China
  • Sort through clothes & pick keepers
  • Sell/donate non-keepers
  • Pack!
  • Make and print planner
  • Doctor’s appt
  • Eye doctor’s appt
  • Dentist appt
  • Orthopaedic appt

Some things are in-progress (reshelve books) and some are scheduled (eye and ortho appts), and some I’m just like UGH WHY (cleaning and packing, I’m so tired of it). And that’s just my checklist of things to do while I’m still in the States. I’ve also got things to do once I get to Ireland on….

AUGUST 24th!!!!!!

That’s right! I booked my ticket and actually have a date set! Even though it feels like I’m not making as much progress as I feel I should be, I’m still making a lot more progress than I think.

…If only my books would catalogue and shelve themselves… 😰

Anyways, back to work! I got sh*t ta do!

💙 April

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