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01/05/15: Two Weeks (and Counting)

Today is exactly two weeks before I go home. (It’s hard to really tell when I’ll actually get there, but at 11:20am GMT+8 today it was exactly two weeks before my plane is scheduled to leave Beijing International Airport.) I’m really excited to go home and see my family and friends. Oh man and the food. Oh and baking. I’m going to bake so many things. So. Many. Things.

But. I will miss a few things around here. (Not many, mind, but some.) Even as I’ve been getting excited to leave, it’s hard knowing I probably won’t see my students and many of the friends I’ve made here again. My students, the staff at Leo Hostel, Charlotte and Carlos, even the jiaozi laoban and the Korean rice laoban (whom I can’t ever talk to since they don’t speak English). They’re all Chinese and, chances are, I won’t come back to China for a long, long time. I just have to remember to post things on WeChat so they can see and that I move away from places often. And it sucks.

But as much as I’ll miss the people who have been part of this chapter I am so so so so so so excited to start the next chapter. Well, I mean, the one after the next, if going home is its own chapter. I’ve got a busy summer ahead and then I’m very excited to start grad school (nerd alert).


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