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05/26/12: Graduation

Whew. It’s been a long day. My cousin Gillian graduated from high school today. The ceremony took place up in Red Rocks Amphitheater, a really cool place up in the mountains that hosts a lot of concerts in the summer. It was the perfect weather for a graduation, too. The sun was shining, it had warmed up, and the mountains were beautiful. And let’s not forget the gorgeous red rock formations. The graduation ceremony was punctuated by three songs sung by graduating students and one by the chorus. The songs were a nice break from the speeches and the students were very talented. Overall, the ceremony lasted an hour and a half (which was still long enough for me to get sunburnt), which was pretty short for 200-something students receiving diploma cases, speeches, and musical acts. While I was sitting there, I was thinking about my other cousins and all of our graduations. In order (speculated years *, missed, attended): Tim HS (2007*), Tim Uni (2009*), me HS (2009), Carley HS (2010), Mikaela HS (2011), Gillian HS (2012), mom Uni (Dec 2012), me Uni (2013), Carley Uni (2014*), mikaela Uni (2015*), Deane HS (2015), Gillian Uni (2016*), Danny HS (2016), Deane Uni (2019*), Danny Uni (2020*). That’s over ten years worth of graduations if we get 4-year degrees and no one goes to graduate school (which I probably will at some point). None of this is pertinent to travel (unless I travel to the graduations), I just thought it was interesting.
Tomorrow we leave for Europe, which is extremely exciting. I don’t think it’s quite set in yet that I’m going tomorrow. Our first flight to Chicago was moved from 2p mountain time to 12:30p mountain time, so we have a longer layover in Chicago and we have to be at the airport earlier. So after we get to Chicago, we have a connection to Manchester, UK before flying to Istanbul, Turkey. Hopefully, things will go smoothly and our luggage will arrive when we do (knock on wood).

Interested in photos? You can see all of them from Summer 2012 at my Flickr page!

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